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    Versione Software, Compatibilità, Data di rilascio, Dimensione, Download. Google Earth , Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7. Scarica vecchie versioni di Google Earth per Windows. Scarica vecchie versioni di Google Earth per Android. Con Google Earth per Chrome, puoi volare ovunque in pochi secondi ed esplorare centinaia di città in 3D direttamente nel tuo browser. Tira il dado per scoprire.

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    Sistemi operativi: Android. Windows XP/7/10. iOS. MacOS.
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    Guida verificata con Ubuntu: Segnalali in questa discussione Introduzione Questa guida spiega come installare Google Earth Pro in Ubuntu e derivate, fornendo inoltre soluzioni per eventuali problemi, anche relativi alle vecchie versioni di Google Earth. Il programma nella versione Google Earth non è più disponibile. Tuttavia, se lo si era installato in precedenza, continuerà a funzionare, pur non potendo usufruire di nuove versioni. Non è al momento nota l'eventuale data di dismissione della vecchia versione.

    Fixed the rendering order of imagery layers added through side databases.

    Anche la navigazione con Big G ha i suoi segreti.

    Fixed an issue where 3D buildings did not update with changes in view when terrain is not visible. Known issues in Google Earth 6.

    Text in the Google login box is clipped at the bottom. Some instability and growth in memory usage is seen in long running or looping tours and while making movies from long tours. Earth version 6. Google Earth Pro has improved the experience of making movies by simplifying the user interface and improving performance in certain configurations.

    Importing data files in Google Earth Pro is now easier with the ability to edit shared balloon style for folders and to increase the import categorization limit from 8 to Google Earth Pro now allows you to view an elevation profile while measuring.

    This will fix issues users have experienced of not being able to see balloon content or embedded browser content. Improved the resolution seen in elevation profiles for lines and tracks. There were several improvements to Street View in Google Earth. We added the ability to zoom into a Street View photo by using a zoom slider.

    Street View in Earth feels more immersive now due to wider field of view. It is now faster and smoother to use. We made several small tweaks to the user interface including adding a way to navigate floors when you are indoors and there are multiple floors available in Street View. Fixed bugs related to missing road labels in cases where roads were curvy or zoomed into.

    Spaces must only be used to separate the longitude,latitude,altitude triplets which specify the coordinates of a single point. It is invalid to add spaces between individual coordinates.

    Several performance improvements that would allow smoother experience in specific computer configurations. Added field of view recording to tours and ability to play back those changes. Changes to reduce occurrences of missing desktop icon and shortcut menu items on an update.

    Sped up overlay polygon rendering in OpenGL mode.

    Fixed loading of kmz files when the first file at the root level was image file. Upgraded GDAL support to 1. Fixed the discrepancy caused in measurements due to multiple radii of Earth used inside Google Earth. Fixed an issue where placemarks created with UTM coordinates did not move when edited. Fixed an issue when screen overlays disappeared in a print-out.

    Fixed an issue of ruler tool disappearing. Fixed an issue with incorrectly measuring long distances. Improved navigation in Street View inside buildings. Fixed a crash with elevation profile if there was empty gx:value node in KML. Optimized amount of terrain and imagery data fetched while viewing photo overlays. Fixed an occasional crash while viewing 3D buildings.

    Fixed broken fly-to links within local kml files. Fixed an issue where new place-marks added were with absolute altitude instead of being clamped to ground. Fixed an issue where the title for panoramio pictures no longer appeared when hovering over panoramio icons with your mouse if scale legend was enabled. Fixed an issue when there was occasionally a missing wall in 3D buildings. Optimized amount of data fetched in Street View. Fixed some issues in using plug-in on https sites.

    Fixed functionality of disabling ground level navigation through API. You can enter Street View either by dropping pegman in navigation controls or by zooming in all the way to ground level on places that have Street View.

    You can enable trees by turning on the check-box next to the Trees layer under the 3D buildings layer folder. You can see trees in several places, and we will add trees to more places over time.

    Easy to use historical imagery:When you fly to an area where historical imagery is available, the date of the oldest imagery will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Ground-level navigation: In Google Earth 6, in addition to flying around features, you can now walk on the ground to explore either 3D buildings and trees or Street View imagery.

    10 cose che (forse) non sai su Google Maps e Google Earth

    The tour recorder now incorporates the activation of Sunlight, Street View, and Historical Imagery modes into the recorded tour. Additionally, the quality of the recording has been significantly improved, including better motion fidelity and better synchronization with sound recording.

    Earth on OS X Earth on Windows We are discontinuing support for Google Earth builds that work on Windows Users of Windows can still use the Google Earth 5.

    This improves the compatibility of Google Earth on different Linux distributions, but requires users to have Linux Standard Base installed on their system. If your Linux system does not have LSB, please install it using apt, yum, smart or up2date. As a side effect of moving to LSB, joysticks are currently unsupported. Issues Fixed Addressed issues related to slow internal browser and balloon performance Addressed issues related to broken images in balloons seen in Earth 5.

    Linux fixes for Flash-induced crashes. This allows ability to set altitude for all vertices through a single function call. New features in Google Earth 5. Issues fixed in Google Earth 5.

    Come scaricare Chrome 69 offline e ripristinare vecchia grafica

    Improved overall stability by fixing multiple crashes seen since beta release. Drawing order of ground overlays and polygons has been restored to behavior similar to versions 5.

    Multiple bugs related to the GPS functionality with different devices have been fixed. Fixed a bug related to mouse navigation not working when using the Ruler tool. Panoramic photos in cities layer and similar other panoramic photos were tilted with beta version.

    This bug has been fixed.

    Issues seen with lines and polygons in high resolution image saving and printing for Google Earth Pro version have been fixed. Improved start-up time for the Internal Browser. New Features in Google Earth 5. Track and Multitrack in Google Earth: A track allows you to create one visible object in Google Earth either a Point icon or a Model that moves over time between multiple positions. Using the time slider, you can animate position and orientation of an object and show a line tracing the path.

    A multitrack is a collection of tracks. It plots the elevation profile, speed, and associated extended data for example, heart rate in a KML file. Added file import types: NMEA. Garmin fitness extensions are now read from GPX. Extended data for Elevation Profile and Track is handled when available. New Features available in Google Earth Pro 5.

    Il Google Earth standard è gratuito per tutti. La versione Pro si paga, ma contiene più strumenti per i venditori e chi fa piani industriali. Questo pulsante ti reindirizza alla pagina "Google Earth per Desktop". Sappi che questa versione funziona anche sui computer portatili; la parola "Desktop" si riferisce alle applicazioni da installare sul computer, e non da utilizzare sul browser.

    Lo trovi nell'angolo in basso a destra in mezzo al collage di immagini della pagina di Google Earth per desktop. Prima di poter scaricare, dovrai leggere la normativa.

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